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This I agree with


Disagree man, your either all in or your sitting on a fence. Ya there are priests there who will do loads for the community and get youngsters involved doing great things, but at the end of the day the message needs to be delivered. Some people don’t want to hear it, these are they guys who show up one a blue moon. Don’t want to hear it. Fair enough.


No threat.

Just a warning.


I have forgotten more than you’ll ever know you thwarted wanker. What is your warning Kevin?


You got it.

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No stupid, what is your warning?


gas that the Christian response to my annoyance here at a priest making no concession to the 120 or so 8 year olds in mass but instead reading out a fairly graphic letter discussing the adult topic of abortion is to suggest my child shouldn’t be allowed make her communion, it’s an odd and very defensive response.
And all the babies lying in unmarked pits all over the country.


A bit like the extreme leftists who lose their shit completely if you do or say anything completely non-PC.


I don’t find any of that ‘gas’at all, especially the unmarked graves


Because if abortion was in they would never have been born and the suffering would be alot less.
In some cases at least.


The response was unfortunate but very typical and that’s why the church is on it’s last legs.


Nearly 80% still. We are the majority.


80% what?


But you agree with the priests decision to use a family mass which was attended by over 100 7 and 8 year olds preparing for first confession and communion as a platform to read out that wholly inappropriate information, no sermon, no breakdown of the gospel in such a way as they would take its message. If you have some issue with me (and I don’t think I’ve ever engaged with you before?) then that’s fine but my 8 year old hasn’t offended anybody, she wants to enjoy mass I’m sure, wouldn’t it be better in the long run if the church encouraged attendance and participation among the little ones.


How do you reckon those numbers would look if you didnt force people to be christened just to get into schools — How come that 80% isnt reflected in numbers attending mass regularly? Why does no one want to join the priesthood/nuns anymore? I suppose, who wants to lecture 8 year old children on abortion …


I love being a Catholic.


Going to mass for 8 yer olds is the same as going down to gaa training.
Many are forced to do it but it can actually be ok as they get to hang out with mates or meet them after.

That’s about the size of it.


Nobody forces you to joy it down on the Census.

All the excuses being rolled out by the Atheist Alliance here…




Can someone answer me this. With the homeless crisis in Ireland, why did’nt the catholic church make the churches available as shelters? It seem to me to be the christian thing to do and in line with the teachings of the bible.