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And you should be asking, where has the church’s voice been since the crash in 2008? The corruptness and harsh measures inflicted on the Irish people because of greed — Not a peep out of the church, the so called moral compass of the country according to @The_Selfish_Giant


The Church is not the appropriate place for a homeless person, nor is a derelict office block.

Anyway, as you should know if you read beyond the propaganda- there are beds in Dublin.


Busy day for ye lads.


What harsh measures? We are one of the best off countries in the world.

The Church do plenty charity wise.


They helped the paedos and the Nazis.

But not the homeless.

Considering they have thousands of free rooms in oversized private housing for themselves around the country it is a great call.


Do they?

What ?

Exactly now. I want figures too.


Were we not saddled with a massive debt ? -


Many many people died because of that crash


I seem to remember massive unemployment and migration also ?


Peter McVerry?
Vincent de Paul?


Do you walk around pig ignorant?


The vast majority of our debt being to pay for social welfare and public sector salaries.


Are you honestly saying that nothing untoward happened in this country from 2008 to 2013/14? and is still happening in many ways - (See banks and mortgages)


Where did I say that?

I personally consider running up enormous deficit spending to continue paying distrorted salaries and welfare to people to be as immoral as the banking debt. Either way we are robbing from the future for current largesse.

Ireland is a spectacularly well off country.

“Homeless crisis”- anyone who wants accommodation can get it. Your forever home maybe not, but sleeping in a hotel is not rough sleeping. Rough sleepers, by and large, have serious metal and addiction issues.

The cuts in Ireland basically went on capital expenditure so we could continue to spend on the voters today.


We’re not poor - but I doubt the majority of people would agree with this point - the cost of living is outrageous and i’d say most people dont have much left over after they meet basic requirements. But relative to Africa/Asia you can argue we are well off - but we’re not in Africa or Asia.


Of course they wouldn’t agree. Everyone wants more.




Focus, Simon, Fr. Peter McVerry, VDP etc. etc. If anything the Catholic Church is too involved with the homeless crisis, to the point where the state just gives them money rather than addressing the issue themselves.


Vincent De Paul???

Are you mental? That’s run by lay people.

Trocaire??? Well we know that some of that money went missing in the past.

I am sure some individuals do good work. But maybe they should start at home


Simon is lay run


You ignorant fuck.

Do you not realise it’s far far bigger than a bed.

Jesus fucking christ no wonder the authorities do not know how to or want to help. They do not take the seriousness of it seriously enough.

The mental stress of that is going to be immense.

That will hit the person but also the rest of us in the picket down the road