The official Roman Catholic thread


I’m sure the majority of them are at this stage. Still a religious ethos though.




You said the church doesn’t help the homeless. I merely pointed out that most of the charities in Ireland that help the homeless are Church based.
I’m not taking any side. I don’t think the church has any place in solving homelessness, or public education for that matter.
As usual, facts contradicting your opinions seem to have upset you though.


You listed a load of places as if the church was doing unbelievable work for the homeless. The ones I am aware of virtually completely rely on lay people who are volunteers. Church has little or fuck all to do with it.

This is not opinion. This is fact.

Yet you wanted to say opposite


none of this makes any sense. why don’t you catholic haters simply stop receiving the catholic sacraments (eg. @ChocolateMice) , and stop pushing your childeren forward to receive the catholic sacraments (@backinatracksuit) ?


You should write a letter to the Pope.


For obvious reasons.
It can alienate the kids at school


You’ve mistakenly tagged me there i think.


Ah come on now. The Archbishop of Dublin would have to clear all the gold out of the spare rooms in his ‘palace’ in order to do so.


What the fuck?!!


You don’t know where the VdP came from?

Okay Kev.


I couldn’t give a fuck where it came from

I am only interested in what’s going on now and goibg forward.

This is just your way of avoiding reality and for being caught out in this particular subject


The vast majority of Ireland’s bank debt is being paid back with change.

A collapse of the banks would have led to millions losing deposits and runs on the same. No different to paying out grotesque salaries and welfare.

Except one will never be paid back.


Have a look at their annual report there and cop yourself on.


apologies if i have mistaken you for some other pathetic cunt who was married in a catholic church against his will


Oh… that… Yes I was married in a church but by a Deacon so the mass wasn’t official as the bread wasn’t consecrated or something along those lines… A pretend mass.


you were happy to use our facilities, why didnt you do it in a mosque?


My wife isn’t a Muslim.


Huge similarities between taking on the debt of private institutions which have failed and paying out salaries for workers in the public service and welfare to the poorest in society.


Not to the church there isnt.