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The Catholic church wont get involved unless their dues and baskets are down … up to the 70s they used to read people’s names from the altar who didnt contribute or paid very little, despite most of those families being extremely poor… Not sure that happened in many other countries … People talk about Catholic guilt, it doesnt exisit - there’s an Irish Catholic guilt alright because the Church and middle classes utterly shamed the poor in this country for about 150 years. Rotten cunts.

My mates father who grew up dirt poor in Kilrush - literally, no shoes, often recalls the mother’s name (a widow) being read out for not giving x amount to the dues… that was in the 60s.


As an aside - In Limerick we often say some one was reading you if talking about you - ‘he was reading the hole off you kid’

I’m sure this stems from the priest reading your name from the altar

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That’s all very well mate but I wasn’t talking about the Church.


Why did the church not speak out when we took on the debt of private institutions? When thousands were sent to the dole queues and thousands more had to leave the country


One of the maddest things I have heard in relation to the Church is a term called ‘churched’.

This related to an activity which was required to be carried out on the mother of new born kids (even if there was no funny business with them) before they were allowed back in the church.

I think the reasoning behind it was that the mother was somehow unclean after having sex and needed to be ‘churched’ to absolve her from her sins.

Basically the woman attended a sort of ceremony where the priest said a few prayers and afterwards the woman slipped him a few bob of course.

I am not sure if that was a Leitrim thing only but it is pretty fucked up to say the least.


Fucking hell …


I heard of that, but don’t recall hearing of it being practiced anywhere.


He is Lord, he is Lord!
He is risen from the dead, and he is Lord!
Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess
that Jesus Christ is Lord!

He is King, he is King!
He will draw all nations to him, he is King;
and the time shall be when the world shall sing
that Jesus Christ is King!

He is Love, he is Love!
He has shown us by his life that he is Love;
all his people sing with one voice of joy
that Jesus Christ is Love!

He is Life, he is Life!
He has died to set us free and he is Life;
and he calls us all to live evermore,
for Jesus Christ is Life.


It was practiced in my home town. I have spoken to ladies who had it done.

Died out back in the early 70s I think.


Fuck, thats rough. Didnt yer man above in Lough Rynn also practice primae noctis?


Lord Leitrim?

I don’t know.


I was told that once by an auld buck at a wedding up there. He was flaming, so was I, coulda been horseshit.


Jesus fuck


Ah come on now. They didn’t know what they were doing. Like the recently retired Primate of All Ireland Sean Brady. He was in a room back in the 70s where a kid was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement in relation to abuse allegations (which were subsequently proven to be correct). There is no way he should resign though - he wasn’t aware of the seriousness of what was happening.


There was plenty of work around cunts didn’t want to do it, because they thought jobs were beneath them.


Yeah I’ve heard of this too. My maternal grandmother had six kids and she wasn’t allowed to attend any of their christenings, and that was a parish in Cork. The mother would have to wait until the first Sunday after the christening to receive the blessing and return to the church. Mad shit.


Can you not read?

Most of that money is being paid back. The collapse of the banks would have resulted in ordinary people losing their savings all over Ireland and runs on the bank. So let’s not pretend it was just a fat cat bailout.

The majority of our debt is via overspending. It’s an inconvenient truth for the morons in our society who just want to blame everyone else.


Are you insane?

Did you really just say that?!?!


I’m being sarcastic. :roll_eyes: