The official Roman Catholic thread


Ok apologies.

You’d never know with ye fundamentalist country folk


Mate, that makes no sense, I felt that the priest was completely detached from the reality withwhich he was faced yesterday, I thought it was I’ll advised and completely counter productive towards the church’s attempt at relevance particularly in this year of families. My Catholic wife is the one who was outraged, your solution as a Christian would be to deny my daughter the sacrament as ‘it’s not for people like us’

It’s odd that you guys consider it an appropriate family mass, no sermon, just that letter full of adult language and themes, the communion children were sitting by themselves, what must they have made of it?


i think she should have voiced her concerns appropriately if she felt something occured that was not to her liking.
absolutely pointless coming home moaning to you and you in turn running to the internet.

when you say she is catholic does she get anything positive at all from Catholicism?



I wasn’t running to the internet fella, merely passing on an interesting anecdote from my day.
To be honest my wife is no shrinking violet, I’d say she was damn close to making her feelings felt and definitely will in a private moment with that priest.
I find it odd that you lads think it was not only acceptable but would actually encourage it, I thought it very very odd.


Who is your wife to tell the parish priest how to do his job? He didn’t do anything wrong only express the views of the church on abortion. It was probably ordered by the Bishop been perfectly honest? And they will no doubt be having many many more before the vote. So brace yourself…


then make your complaint and get on with it. running to the internet with little anecdotes like this is on what is supposed to be a very enjoyable memorable and sacred time for you, your daughter and your family.


Perhaps you’d take your own advice so in relation to the adultery, drink driving and support of sex trafficking


what in Gods earth are you raving about now?

back to what exactly does your missus get from the catholic church? can you shed any light on this?


See the last line here of the teachers guide for the sacrament of confession. Preparation masses for communion have the same purpose. A lot of people who might not have stepped inside the door of a church for a long time, and the priest decided that he needed to take opportunity for canvassing. A lot might not want to return after that…


It’s simple mate, you suggested that I just get on with my life instead of talking about something here, I suggested you could do the same.
I have no idea about what my wife gets from the church, sure who does?


They still think it’s 1950.


Why weren’t you at the mass?


Why would he be at the mass?


I think I might return to the priesthood. My vocation is beginning to stir within again. I will pray.


Because it was a mass which his daughter needed to go to in preparation for her communion


What has that to do with him? His wife, the practicing Catholic, was there… Trying to force mass on a non believer, ffs.


I don’t care about the catholic thing. I always would have thought that both parents should be present at things like that for the child’s sake


you are putting your family through this religious ceremony which you are all clearly finding difficult, shouldnt you be aware of the reasons your missus is insisting you go through all this?


You thought wrong.