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usually both parents attend.


Go easy, he made his stand. I presume he wont make the ceremony either.


I’ve three other kids mate, I have no real problem with the church, in my business a certain level of tolerance is required.
Despite accusations to the contrary I have a fairly lukewarm view of the church, what I don’t like is the hypocrites, Jesus didn’t like them either,


Fair enough if you were minding the other kids


It was past bedtime before they got home


That’s very magnanimous of you.


@backinatracksuit must be very relieved.


I only go a few times a year but nothing worse than kids screaming at mass


In my parish there are 10 primary schools, and the two churches will be plódaithe every Saturday through April and May for the FHC ceremonies. About 22 classes of children will receive the sacrament of FHC, and this has been the norm for the last 6 years. The year my middle child had her FHC, the parish ran a FHC enrichment programme for the parents of children receiving the sacrament. One meeting each week for about a month. A total of six (6) people showed up, and I don’t know do they do it anymore.

Not meaning to offend the faithful, patient Catholics here, the churches will be full of Bouncy Castle Catholics for those few Saturdays. Why would any priest try to discourage people fro returning to the church if they decide to go with the old style fire and brimstone/sin routine? The church gets very few days when they have a full building, and they get a lecture on how to vote?


So let me get this straight. A non-Catholic (and long time critic of the Church) @backinatracksuit is allowing or accepting his daughter to become a Catholic, presumably because of the benefits or perceived benefits she will accrue from being a Catholic, but is not happy that the Church are actually communicating some of it’s core tenets during one of the processes of his daughter becoming a voluntary member of said organization.

You couldn’t make that up.


A lot of inaccuracies there mate, my only problem was with what I considered an inappropriate mass said for a bunch of 7 and 8 year old kids, he should have made some concession, I’d say 95% of priests would. My wife was dissapointed with the language used when she took the church’s record as regards the mother and baby homes into account.
The church has a fierce hold on people that they cannot accept any criticism at all


no mate, I think it is quite clear what the issue is here and I agree with @backinatracksuit

a family mass should be family focussed


Have not read completely through this thread but it looks to as if the order came from the bushop to delIver the message on yesterdays date which means that every other mass in the diocese has to do the same. Looks to me like it would have been a good move on the priests part to lift the phone and ask if he could put it back to next Sunday or maybe he did and got told know


I don’t think so mate, my wife says it was a letter from a layman in Waterford, an architect no less,
Either way he could have delivered a sermon. The Limerick Catholics here could confirm if it was read at all masses


Does strengthen your case if that’s the way it was


I don’t have any case mate, I didn’t feel it was an appropriate mass for a huge number of small children, the real Christians here felt it was not only appropriate but timely, these are opinions.
The surprise for me is that I’ve been held up as a long time critic of the church, I thought I’d been very much middle of the road, I have no beef with the church, i don’t like the hypocrisy of certain Catholics here who live very unchristian lives but that’s no criticism of the church.



Do you know the dynamics of their household?

Maybe he brought her to hockey that morning while mam hung out with the other kids???


I agree with you and you know that I am a person of faith


You strike me as a very decent fella mike, I’m not at all surprised that you can see some sense here rather than seeking to have my poor child denied communion. I’d say the majority of church goers are equally sensible, this was a nonsense


The mysteries of blind devotion must come easy to you - a fella that supports Limerick despite having lived in Kilkenny with thirty years