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There’s a time and a place for everything. I thought at first that maybe the Bishop had issued a letter to which a lot of priests would have no choice but to read it out. But as you say it was a private letter that the priest decided to read out.
That too me makes no sense. I am in no way saying that we should shelter our children from what’s going on re the whole abortion thing but their age demands that we treat them more cautiously than say adolescents.


I’m hoping that when my time comes, I’ll skip purgatory and head straight to the piss up


Do you think that the church’s recent record in dealing with unmarried mothers rather dilutes the message that they are so concerned with the equal rights of mothers and babies and all that?
Either way I felt the priest should have been more accommodating to the children in the church, it’s the little things that drive away the middle ground


Has this episode put you off pushing your little daughter in to her First Holty Communion?


The church has many things to answer for and indeed has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century not to mind the 21st.
I based my faith on the core message . I’m not going to get all bogged down with its teachings or indeed it’s actions down through the centuries. Suffice to say like all organisations it has had and has it’s fair share of bad apples. For me however that does not take away from my beliefs.
For the record my wife and I have decided to raise our daughters as catholics and when they are old enough we will let them make their own decisions.
If that makes me a so called “a la carte” Catholic then call me what you will. I disagree. I do not consider myself a person of any less faith then someone who would describe themselves as devout.
But I believe that the church has many man made laws which they enforce "in the name of Christianity "
a lot of which I’m sure the Lord himself would not agree with




Do you mind me asking what is your “faith”?
What do you actually believe in.

Genuine question


I believe in God Kev. I’m a Christian. I was raised a Catholic and am a regular mass goer. But like I said I believe the Catholic Church have a huge amount to answer for down through the centuries.


mmmm lovely.


But what is your god?
Like who is it/what/he?


God has a beard and he’s a decent guy and he lives in heaven.


I believe that Jesus existed and spread the gospel. I believe that he performed miracles and I believe he instructed his apostles to spread the word.
I doubt very much he spoke put against subjects such as homosexuality, contraception, pre marital sex , celebicy for priests etc. These were all man made laws designed to protect the material assets of the church as it got bigger


Fair enough. Thanks for that.

I agree with most of that really. Do not believe in God, but believe in good and bad and think stories of good and bad were used to explain things to people.
God and the devil grew from that.

As you say, people have maipukated that for their own gain since god knows when*

*pun intended


Great post. I agree thoroughly with you, @backinatracksuit and @The_Selfish_Giant in this instance.


Yea that’s fair enough. I am a moderate and would have just as little time for the fire and brimstone “we’ll all burn in hell” brigade as I would for someone who castigates me for my beliefs. We’ll all find out one day


I respect your faith Mike and probably more so the obvious thought and time you have put into it. You seem to have given it a lot more consideration than most people and have arrived at a belief that is strong and you are comfortable with which guides your life.
Pretty much the same as myself, though I would have a diametrically opposite belief.


+1 Mike, good posts, mate.


Fuck off Mike you God bothering zealot.


Nun cured of sciatica is 70th Lourdes miracle