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This will sound flippant but isn’t that an odd case for God to get involved with, a 70 year old nun with a sore back??


He works in mysterious ways


I must have done that for 50 people.

Am I better than god?


We all know the answer to that one mate, even the Bible bashers here would agree


Interesting doc on Radio1 about lapsed Catholics child making first communion


Was present for a cracking sermon delivered by a deacon under the watchful eye of the parish priest last night. The message centered around the devil. Start of lent seemed like a good time to remind everyone that temptation and traps set by the devil are everywhere. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and pornography all got a mention.

And for anyone who thinks the devil is the bad guy in a fairytale then think again. The deacon studied in southern France in the diocesan college which specialises in exorcisms. He was part of a 4-man exorcism team (in charge of strapping the legs and holding them down, with two other fellas responsible for an arm each along with the main lad doing the talking bit) and he saw the devil being dragged/teased/persuaded out of people’s bodies.

Plenty of chatter in the church yard afterwards about whether the young deacon had been watching too many horror films or, worse again, some of that pornography he warned against what with all the strapping arms and holding down legs etc.


Or maybe he just logged on to the Paddy Jackson thread


I thought that the devil had been written out of the church teachings so to speak?


I dunno, he certainly caught the congregation by surprise with his earnest warnings about the devil anyway.



That’s some fucked up shit…and anyway, didn’t God create drink, drugs, pornography etc. etc


Could not find anywhere to out this.

So i’ll blame these cunts again anyway.

This makes me unbelievably sad. I was born there.


The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the World he doesn’t exist.




I’d say the Vatican is populated with some shower of cunts.


There needs to be a clear out for the church’s sake, mate — It’s operating like 1618 still…


Too institutionalised at this stage for that. A fire or a small aircraft might be the best solution.

Anyway, fair play to Mary.



Abuse is back on the menu I see …

Mary Mac’s brother was destroyed by a priest…


She’s dead right to stick the boot in.