The official Roman Catholic thread


That fella has a lovely voice


You can’t beat the majesty of a plastic poncho.


Out in the parents watching it. Mother said for JP2 they headed off at 4am for the mass in the Park at 11am. About a 8km journey. Buses brought you to the gate of the park. Reckons they got home about 5.

Think we should have gone in here lads.


This is standard across the globe. Sports events face challenging attendances. Non sports events like the GGA the same. When you have HD, multiple camera angle and incredible audio you aren’t gonna go out in inclement weather.

That’s just the way it’s gone these days, except for rugby football, Ireland’s new religion.


Is he calling in to bless your new knee?


I suppose too, in fairness, when they barred all the crowd involved in covering up abuse, it was bound to have an effect on numbers.


Sure they’re posting away on here from their couches rather than going to it. You couldn’t make it up.


I was in Knock this morning pal.






Two hours of Italian mumbo jumbo on the way.


Glastonbury sells out in 4 mins every year and tickets cost a fortune. Electric Picnic n txt week will have about half of the attendance figures that appear to be in the Phoenix Park today. Weather not a factor affecting attendances at those events. This looks like the end of something today…


This might well be the first time I have ever seen a Mass broadcasted in the pub.


A death rattle.


Here we go. At least JP2 tried to communicate with his audience.


They ask for pardon for abuses committed in institutions? Wtf


Forgive the lads for abusing the kids.


Forgive the nuns for locking up single mothers.


You’ll be roaring for forgiveness when the MRSA kicks in.


I’m back at home, pal.