The official Roman Catholic thread


Uplifting stuff there as the small crowd prayed for forgiveness for those who perpetrated and covered up child abuse


Lovely, thought you’d book into Caritas for a week.


I hope the wind doesn’t blow this chaps Irish jig off.


He’s only spending 36 hours in Ireland. An English stag group would stay longer.


Getting Martin O’Neill to assist in saying mass was a good coup for the Catholic Church.

I imagine Manuela Spinelli’s FAI links were key in securing the Eire manager’s services.


I think his heart was in the right place but the delivery of the message was very clumsy,

I’m quite surprised that such an educated man cannot attempt to communicate, even read in English


He’s 81 and leads a billion people, he can do whatever he wants.


There’s a hape of lads posting here that are also supposedly educated and can’t communicate in English.


Crowd bored out of their skulls here. This one making faces at a baby to pass the time.


Every time the camera man pans to the crowd he comes across people conked asleep


That’s a really poor crowd. I’d be surprised if there’s more than 35/40k there. I’ve seen much bigger crowds there for Eire teams which reached the last 16 of the World Cup and for “Bloom” festival.


That was as dull a sermon as you’d hear at any mass.


Were you expecting something a bit different than a mass for a mass?


At least an Irish priest might have thrown in something about the Limerick hurlers, or the need to defend “the faith” like a Tyrone footballer would defend his goal, or some other bland local pop culture reference to show they’re “in touch”.


Polish lad there doing a prayer of the faithful in a love both hoodie.


Another hoodie there.

You wouldn’t get into a shopping mall wearing that.


Maybe his holiness detests Limerick & Tyrone and wouldn’t please either of the septic cunts and give them a mention.


Mickey Harte will be gutted.


The Italians can’t figure out why very few people are turning up to see the pope… It’s all over the news again today, highlighting the empty seats in Croker and the empty field today.


Áine and Dermot have just shared a sign of peace with those of us home alone.