The official Roman Catholic thread


There’ll be 350,000 communion wafers chucked out after this.


Would you be a religious man Fagan?


Did many show up at the hozier gig/protest thing?


I try to be a good man farmer.



Big news coming up.


Rome wins




Winning this bidding war is a much needed boost for the Catholic Church in Rome.

I wonder what will be the main venue in the city for it?


Peace be with you all


Did you shake Bobby’s paw?


Dobbo said Il Papa made some unscripted comments that they weren’t expecting. Anyone know what it was?


All the bit where he asked for forgiveness over the kiddie fiddlers an murderers was off script



Did any of the blow hards here attend? Looks like they were all in the pub or watching EPL games.



The jig is up.





Just lack from a very special day in Phoenix Park. For the first 15 minutes Archbishop Martin and the Holy Father addressed the clerical abuse scandals because they said they couldn’t say mass until they asked for forgiveness first. The apology seemed very comprehensive and every line of it was applauded. Parts of it were very specific - for example he apologized to women who were told that having a baby out of wed-lock was a mortal sin, when it isn’t. There was a lovely atmosphere about the place and everyone left happy. He’s a class act, a serious superstar. Because I was late I missed him driving around in his Pope mobile.

You will know that I campaigned to repeal the 8th. I am also a member of the Unitarians church in Dublin.

For me the Irish liberals have let themselves down very badly the past few weeks. Why would you protest on O’Connell Street about child abuse when just a mile away you could go and listen to the Pope apologies for the very things you’re protesting? If you care about those things, why not go listen to the apology. Irish people have long made a virtue of cynicism. Now they have made a decision to never move on from the past and are acting like it’s heroic. Other people have made a similar decision to never move on from the Troubles and also want to be seen as brave. The desperation to highlight any low attendances shows a deep underlying insecurity. I have seen a lot of complaints about homelessness and how much the Pope’s visit will cost but what have these people ever done for the homeless, beyond virtue signaling online?

The Holy Father is right, Irish society cries out for the renewing power of the light of Christ.



That’s the question that has remained unanswered…