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Talking to a Garda friend of mine who was on-duty at the park and ride facility that was set up at Fairyhouse racecourse. They were set up for 8,000 cars parking there today. There were 1200 who actually came. There were nearly more gardai than pilgrims he said…


They basically just wasted 30 odd million on unnecessary security and completely embarrassed themselves



And with you!


I’ve not seem much coverage or taken much interest in the visit, but have seen conflicting reports on the apology. Did he apologise outright or ask forgiveness?


He prayed for those who committed the abuse


Ursula Halligan speaking very well on WYB. Eamon Martin is a bit of a yes man I’d say.


That’s 130k and Donald Trump had the biggest, bestest inauguration crowd EVA.


The brainwashed die hard ultra catholics have gone underground with embarrassment. Not even one fifth of the expected crowd turned up… 95k is the estimated attendance out of an expected 500k… Seems the faithful were too busy boozing and watching the EPL.


I’d say there’s more Muslims in Oireland than Catholics these days. If the main Ayatollah lad came over to the Phoenix Park the place would be packed. Dismal crowd there today, next time the Pope comes over they’ll be able to hold it in Merrion Square.


I’d say the ultras are out getting pissed in the name of the Pope. They are fierce quiet on here anyway




I think it’s fair and reasonable to conclude that one prolific poster has, as Pete or Dud might say, “got the 'orn” for both Pope Francis and Donald Trump
This poster has attempted to self medicate by ceaseless online trawling for criticism of both, all in a moribund and futile attempt to self induce some aversion to both men. The results are there for everyone to see. They are the impenetrable labyrinths and the catacombs of self-loathing and madness.
God help him.


I have more forum log-ins than there are people in some of those corrals.

So you’re saying you have the horn for me, mate? :grin:






I watched mass from Phoenix Park today on the big screen in Ringsend Church with my son. It would have been a logistical nightmare to bring a 6-week old to the event itself (akin to bringing a baby to a Mayo game in Conleth’s Park) and the adverse weather conditions removed any possibility of us chancing it. But it was great to share the joyous occasion with him and lots of our parishioners. Pope Francis really is a heck of a pope.


He would seem to be a fine and sincere man who means a lot to many fine sincere people. He represents an institution which has much to offer and is simultaneously deeply flawed. He is open about these flaws, as his acknowledgment and apology shows. He looks to be the right man in the right place. I wish him well.


Has the irony of the Pope begging for forgiveness washed over you and all Catholics?

Did he mention the word reform or change? No.

He said forgive us.

The same thing a fella goes into a confession box and asks for.

Nothing will change. They’ll still be anti woman, homophobic and regressive.

Forgiveness for humanity if you are a believer.

Fuck him


Maybe, buy he didn’t say it in the confession box. He said it to the world.
I’m not much of a Catholic by the way.