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Did he mention a plan for reforming the Catholic church?


Don’t know.


It’ll be a case of ‘show don’t tell’ I suppose


If history is anything to go by it’ll be a no show


Maybe. I hope not.


It is galling he has been left leave the country without outlining a plan for reform or change or at least being held accountable for why he hasn’t one.

All because he’s a lovely sincere fella.


It would be even more galling if he hadn’t apologised. But I see the point you’re making, and I’m sure there are thousands who justifiably feel let down. Rome wasn’t built in a day, or rebuilt in a weekend.


I’m sure an apology is fairly hollow to the victims.

I’m more pissed off with the forelock tugging cunts we have in government to be honest.

Afraid of spoiling a vote or damaging their careers to say what needed saying.


“I hereby apologise for these things that I was not aware of the existence of and which nobody even bothered to brief me on the existence of. Sorry about that.”

Pope Francis was “taken aback” and “shocked” upon hearing about Mother and Baby homes during a meeting in Dublin with abuse survivors on Saturday and had “no idea” what a Magdalene laundry was, according to one of the survivors present.

Bernadette Fahy, who spent much of her childhood in the Goldenbridge Orphanage, said: “I spoke to him (Pope Francis) about industrial schools and Magdalene laundries, both of which he appeared to know nothing about.

“He hadn’t ever heard the concept before, that was quite shocking to me.


That’s how insignificant Ireland is to the Vatican.

How much did we spend on his visit.
And you have Catholics giving out about a homeless woman getting a roof over her head and her kids


Poor Francis was attending the World Meeting of the Families. Did you think he was in Eire to issue a Papal Encyclical?


I’d be very surprised if a well oiled political machine didn’t brief the Pope on the magdalene laundries. It’s an emotive piece but…


I’ll not respond to you if you use my countries name like that


I can never understand how instead of having a pro-social justice attitude such as that of Peter McVerry, so much online comment from Irish people who self-identify as “Catholics” or “Christians” tends toward copying wholesale the horrible, harsh, judgmental worldview of US evangelicals.

Perhaps this is because the most visible face of the Catholic Church in Ireland in recent years has been the IONA Institute, who are basically US evangelicals themselves.

They have done an absolutely disastrous PR job for the Catholic Church in Ireland.


Its because they are repressed and comfortable. The Molotov cocktail of ideology.

Care for your fellow humans but only if they are the same colour, creed and belief as yourself.

We are becoming middle America


Yeah for about 10 or 15 minutes


Congrats mate.


Great to hear, the future of the Church is secured with the next generation of the Faith.



Super day in the park . Singing dancing and most importantly praying. Church is secure until the end of time. Plenty of cash, Francis is a gentle man, a great man. Humble and caring. Long may he reign