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Can the last person out please turn off the lights.


that was a great weekend for Irish Roman Catholics. i got alot out of it, im very relaxed today and at peace with the world and with myself.

i see the visit of Pope Francis completely tied up the liberal looney left for the entirely of it. it has dominated their weekend and their lives.


A victory for Rome and the Catholics. If it were a game it would be 5-0. Dublin is an LGBT stronghold and papa drove through it like he owned the place. Armoured cars with special ops surrounding him. And people think the church is dying. The fools the fools the fools.


they were driven absolutely demented


You do seem slightly less of a tool right enough


in a effort to deal with their bitterness and frustrations they took to twitter and grinder


i find it fascinating to watch, the way they have reacted to Pope Francis coming here and preaching love and compassion. they didnt take it very well at all.


Lovely story this for the week that was in it.

Everyone thought the parents would go for a hippy non denominational ethos but they went for Roman Catholic instead. Of course, our schools are the best in the business globally so this should be no surprise, but it’s reassuring for the future of our Church.


Did he manage to change your mind on Margaret cash and the travelling community at all?


@RaymondCrotty could I get your take on this please ?


Great weekend.

Wonderful scenes in Croke Park, Knock and Phoenix Park. His Holiness is a terrific leader. Really kind, decent man. He was totally at ease and never flustered.

And the people responded to him. The church moves forward in a unified manner now.

Colm O’Gorman and co suffered an emphatic trouncing this weekend. They probably won the battle on Twitter though.


For the weekend that was in it


Battles are won on the ground dodgy, sure nobody gave the treaty a chance. The Pope kept his cool, blessed all those who insulted him and so on. I laugh at twitter. They wouldnt protest outside a church in rural Ireland on a Sunday because they know what would happen them.


they got an unprecedented number of likes out of it


Jaysus didn’t realise it was that bad.

It said in the Indo that umbrellas were not permitted. :grinning:


You’d get more lining up for chips outside Donkey Fordes on a Friday night.


Bumper television ratings announced and for RTÉ only.


Easier than going there.


By any standards, that is still a HUGE crowd of a wet day