The official Roman Catholic thread


I wouldn’t have thought so


There was 300,000 there media reports are wrong.


Yeah I’ve heard the pics were altered.


You don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed by the turnout mate, you had a lovely time and so did many of the other 70 or 80 thousand, it must have been lovely


There was nothing else on. Manyoo on tonight…


Are you on about the crowds in Limerick now?! That was a bogus number too. There was over 100,000 at that. Some fat guard had an interview and took a stab at the numbers. There was a count up there on Sunday they know exactly how many were there.


130,000 is a cracking turnout on a pissing wet last Sunday of the school holidays. There was wall to wall tv coverage as well. I stayed put on the couch myself because of the wet day. The best place to follow Il Papa. I saw him in Rome last year anyway. Back in 1979, hardly anybody had a tv, nobody went to Rome so people had to go and see Il Papa in person.


Who didn’t have a tv in 1979?


We’d emigrated by 1979. We had one in London alright but the streets were paved with gold over there.


What else has got 130,000 in Ireland lately? Especially on a wet day etc. I know, and am happy, that the Catholic Church is fucked, but that is still a serious turnout


It’s a big crowd of course mate but when you expect what, half a million??, it’s gotta be a dissapointment to the powers that be


The Ploughing


The twelfth


The most impressive KPI of them all is the 300k streaming. Organisation of the future.


The traffic restrictions required nowadays due to the threat of islamic terrorism meant an awful lot of committed Roman Catholics were unable to make the journey as it required a 2 hour walk both ways.
A pity.


How many miles would you cover in two hours?


The hole way from Bucharest to Dublin


Some crowd all the same


There’s easily half a million people there.


that photo was 2 hours before il papa spoke