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There’s a lot of fake news being spread by the mainstream media


funny seeing @Robert_Emmet so quick to believe what Denis O’Brien’s minions are telling him


He’ll swallow anything if it suits his agenda


the snowflake media hate the catholic Church and they are reporting that 400,000 Oirish citizens went to see Pope Francis in the flesh during his short visit

so you can multiply that by in or around 3


You can no longer trust main stream media .


The atheist media furious that Il Papa is so revered.


Essentially the highlighting of pictures at certain angles to understate the crowd is the real life manifestations of liberals insatiable desire for likes on Twitter and instagram. A deep seeded insecurity constantly seeking affirmation from others to boost their serotonin levels. If someone doesn’t like my tweet or someone doesn’t turn up at an event there must be a high correlation between its intrinsic value and The people endorsing it.

The fact of the matter is we live in a post modernist society where people dont believe in one universal truth. Everything is open to scrutiny and relativism and individualism are the order of the day. Even if there were no abuse scandals amongst the clergy in Ireland you would still have had an anti Catholic agenda and many speaking out against the church.

The latest now is him being pilloried for the Tuam Bon Secours mother and baby home which incidentally closed in 1961 nearly 60 years ago when he was 24 years old and still 8 years off being ordinated. He railed against Vatican council decision of not hosting catholic meeting of families in Ireland which was a brave move. He was put into a situation where he couldnt win and was attacked by all and Sundry. All of a sudden our liberal media and keyboard warriors expect an 81 year old man who is merely a figure head for the church to be able to speak English fluently, to reform the oldest institution in western civilisation and provide closure for abuse victims. Most 81 year olds would be in a home by now being brought to the toilet and getting assistance washing themselves. I think he did very well in a very bad situation.


The attendance is just another attempt of fake news. Whoever was at it knows the truth here.


there were heathens sitting at home all weekend, angry empty people with no souls, frothing at the mouth and saving screenshots of the crowd in phoenix park to post on twitter and message boards.
the snowflake media feel these are the people they need on board.

thats the way its gone now but if you have any bit of religion in you then hold onto it dearly. the alternative is not something you want to even think about.


isolation, loneliness, hookers, cocaine, and online rage


It’s over guys. Ye lost.


Seriously though, this whole thing of “Catholic Ireland” or post-Catholic Ireland or whatever, why does anyone give a fuck? Why this desperation to follow a herd or be part of a group? What does faith mean to you?

Both sides trying to put on a face to the world but the rest of the world is a kip, its opinion isn’t worth worrying over.


total losers with nothing better to do but post shite on here 24/7, I am actually delighted they are driven demented


Like I said it’s over here for domination by the Holy Roman Empire. The nation has reverted to its more liberal inclusive Brehon and Celtic norms. It’s been a long war. But it’s over.


The skirt wearing fundamentalists have been routed. All that’s left of them is a few thousand oul wans in the Phoenix Park being told to spread out to make it look like there’s more of them.


That’s such a nuts interpretation I have to give it a like.

My own version is a little bleaker: DeValera and O’Donovan Rossa and the lads rebelled against the Victorians but made a point of having even better victorian morality than their enemies. They were also an extremely brutalised people.
Adams and McGuinness rebelled against the Brits and neo-cons but had to have the perfect British/eo-con morality.

You’re right though, we’re a grand folk.




Irish people like being told what to do and what to think, that’s why they let the British rule them for 800 years


Who knew a load of Japanese soldiers in the jungle still trying to fight a long finished war were TFK posters.