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Post up your bank details there, mate.

That’s an order.


I love the smell of napalm in the morning.



Is there a trial period?


There will be grave consequences if you don’t contact them quickly


Emigrated from Preston to London?




He also maintains that communion bread is easily being taken from churches and sold on the black market, where its prices have fallen because of the current ample supply.
However, the gardai say they have no received any reports of Holy Communion being stolen from churches.

Back in my day the Satanists would just pretend to swallow the communion but really keep it in their mouths and then leave the church and take it home to torture it, sticking needles in it and so on. This is rampant across Ireland, my father warned me of it regularly when I was a kid. The “casual Catholic” lads who leave mass right after Communion without waiting for the proper end, some of those fellas are really Satanists and the impatient and lazy faithful are providing them cover.


The Satanists sound like some shower of dopes.There was a rumour Ronald and Nancy Reagan had a bit of it in them.


Happy All Saints Day lads. Enjoying a lovely Bank Holiday here.




She’s right RTE specialise in Fake news and are a total shower of cunts.


Sticky element never went away .


Is this real, showed up on my twitter


Is he in trail? , atheist bait, keep up with the times.



He did indeed say it, a few times too. He is on trial for sexual abuse himself but there is a media blackout on the trials. The most senior Catholic cleric to go under trial for child abuse.


You’re suggesting he has foreskin in the game?


not really sure how to respond to that…


Talking crap now. Media blackouts.