The official Roman Catholic thread


Fairly needy this Jesus fella. You’d think for a deity he would be above such frivolities.


Not everything commented on is against your precious Catholicism. It was the prosecution who requested the media ban.

Oh, and as for the comments that he thinks abortion is worse than sexually abusing children:

and just to make sure that he was heard

Just because you are a devout catholic doesnt mean you have to automatically defend every aspect of it. Pell is a fucking disgrace and a rotten cunt. His home town in Victoria had one of the worst paedophile rings going.


Defending sexual predators now?


I defended you plenty of times. He is on about the Pope here


He’s on about a child sex abuser


I thought he was referring to HBV Pope tweet. Didn’t think a lad would respond to somthing posted 2 months ago.




12 days is 2 months? By God.



Looking forward to a good confession this week before the main event next Monday night


My two little ones are gas, they’ve taken the whole ‘it’s all about the baby Jesus not Santa Claus a bit far, weds to take them to Veritas on Saturday to buy some baby Jesus Christmas decorations and they had to go to mass yesterday, if ye saw them saying their prayers at night :innocent:


That bad?


Happy birthday to His Holiness, Pope Francis.


That’ll be ok as long as when they leave Santa behind them they leave baby jesus there too.


Ah it’s no harm, seems to be good for some people, I’d say most Christians would be mortified by the TFK Catholics


hmmmm, there’s an argument there. I have no doubt it gets people through tough times. And I have no problem with people believing whatever they want except when they want me to believe what they believe. Freedom of religion but freedom from religion alongside it


Live and let live, it’s only a bit of fun really, some people need it


Great fun altogether!


A lovely bunch of lads.


Snitches get stitches