The official Roman Catholic thread


The tfk misogynist crew would have fitted in well there.


This is just horrific



It’s this shite that blackens decent Catholic clergy, awful for victims and all normal mass goers/ believers


Cunts like @Fitzy love misery, and are content to highlight the minority in the church, yet would never give an ounce of credit to the multitude doing incredible work in guiding their people spiritually through heathen times.


Also vast majority of ppl wouldn’t be educated,we’d still have the hedge schools


Fantastic to see the locals in Drogheda fighting so passionately to save the name of the local hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes.

The proposed name change is just more PC liberal guff in an attempt to strip Ireland of its Christianity and Catholicism. Heartening to see the locals vigorously opposing this.

The Angelus will be the next thing that comes under attack.


I’m not too sure it’s religiously driven in fairness. The denizens of Drogheda are fearful that the hospital will be named after one of the towns most famous sons so they’re sticking with what they have…

How comfortable would you be rocking up the the Stephen Staunton memorial quackkery?

Fuck No…


He’s a former cleric.


If you had said Gary Kelly, you may have been on to something


The Ian Harte Transplant Unit.


Hopefully. Ireland is not a theocracy, so our state television and radio stations shouldn’t be behaving like it is.


The Angelus was under a prolonged attack there about 4 or 5 years ago from the atheist crowd.


what’s the angelus VT like these days?

do they still have lads stopping milking cows or laning on a farm gate looking reflective?


They’ll come for it again.

Once the abortion of defenceless little babies is in full swing the Angelus will be the next subject of their ire. And they’ll kick and scream about it until they get their way, led in the Dail by Coppinger and Daly.

It has started already in schools with the cross not to be displayed etc.


Aye. There was a wan baking a cake there a while ago.


Do they have any foreign reflectors?


No. No-one from Tipp yet.


It’s important to have separation of church and state, where no religion is favored. Expressing your religious affiliation is a private matter and one which is harder to legislate for. For example in the US, children cannot wear religious artifacts to school but congress has just voted to allow the wearing of the hijab in the house of representatives. So, the same shower of cunts who outlawed the wearing of religious symbols in all public schools have now voted the opposite for themselves.


Regards coppinger/ Daly anyone who takes those creeps seriously need sectioned,2 beauties