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In fairness the Angelus here is a lot more "neutral " than before. Although they do still call it “the people’s Angelus”


Very much so, you’ll see all races represented in the Angelus, I’m not into religion but I’d often pause and watch if it’s on.
I walked a couple of republican SF lads and a Cumann Na mBan lady down to st Josephs church from Pery square last Sunday for half 11 mass, they were in town for the Sean Sabhat thing, nice to do my bit


Have you seen, the new Angelus?






Sean South was a member of the racist and facist Maria Duce and a noted anti-semite. Not someone Limerick should be proud of, let alone sing about.


You might as well be looking at a hole in the ditch in fairness. The thing is a poorly disguised sop to arch Catholics.


Waste of water



@chops91 Was stopped and questioned on his way home by detectives asking him was he on his way to the Sean South memorial adding they hoped he wasn’t! Took his name and on they went. I was like a dog when he mentioned it I told him he should have said be more in their line to pester the cunts picking up their dole money in their brand new BMWs instead of worrying about a commemoration for a man dead over 60 years! Cunts.


Correct,but this behaviour by an GS is ongoing since I was a nipper ,and continues


It was in very bad taste for the Limerick hurlers to be singing about that Sean South in the dressing room after the All Ireland Final.


FFS hope you’re on a wind up


Have a read of this kid


Belfast telegraph is a pro unionist paper, always,so wouldn’t surprise me the whures


Fair dues to the Shannon siders,heard of it but first time I’ve seen the video,:sunglasses:fab


Could they not have sung Limerick You’re a Lady?


It would have been a far more appropriate song than singing about some anti Semite IRA terrorist.


Could they not have sang “Horse outside”?