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They could have shown a bit of sensitivity to all the Northern Unionists watching.


Why,what have unionists got to do with Limerick winning an all Ireland,you’re stretching to make a connection kid


They’re not used to winning and the bit of class and decorum that should go with it.


It’s an All Ireland


The issue with Sean South is not that he was a Republican/IRA member, it is that he was a member of the Knights of Columbanus (wankers), Maria Duce (anti-semites) and probably a member of the fascist group Ailtiri na hAiseirighe. He was a rabid sectarian, anti-semite who believed fervently in a Catholic Ireland for a Catholic people. As sectarian as any Unionist in Irish history.

Limerick people should stop singing the song, it’s disgusting.


Wrong again.


They alienated a lot of the neutral support they had when they sang that song in the dressing room.


Correct what I’ve said so. It’s well established, do some research.


Not in the unionist eyes


Can’t really see much of an issue there.


Of course you don’t.


I don’t see why anyone should unless they’re a bigoted atheist.


I did correct you, I said you were wrong.


The song is also factually incorrect. South didn’t lead the raid. Load of oul bollox. Limerick me hole.


What is wrong in what I posted? Or are we going to get the normal “you are wrong” and then glas runs away game.


Daithi o connaill


Jews are bigoted atheists now? Interesting.


Irrespective of his political views,he fought for the republic


What a legend he was! :clap:


You said the “issue with the song is…” It is not the only issue with the song.