The official Roman Catholic thread


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You must be related to @codegreen!


Wrong, I said the issue with Sean South (the person) is.


He was part of a grubby terrorist/criminal gang.


Which one of ye is this stupid cunt?


Also another gaa man from cork,Jim lane,interned afterwards


The blue army?


For our purposes the two are interchangeable. It is not the only issue with the song, or the person. Wrong again.


a half nordie/half cork wanker creation, its fascinating to watch cc @Robert_Emmet


The Jews killed Christ.


Is it Choco is it? Jaysus. Worst one yet.


Was it not the Romans did that?


Twas the Jews.


Not according to the Bible it wasn’t


So killing a mythological figure who most likely didn’t exist justifies 2,000 years of persecution including the holocaust?

The mind of a rabid Catholic is a truly fascinating place.


Pilate lobbied the Jewish mob to spare the life of Christ, the Jewish mob were having none of it - they wanted him dead.


Woah, you’re talking about a lot of things you can’t prove there.


The Jews to this day persecute the Palestinians.


The hardest one to “prove” is that JC was an actual historical figure, as there is literally no evidence, let alone proof.


You mean the British army attacked the barracks?bit counter productive even for them,know they practice the dark arts,but you’d need some imagination for that