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I was sure the Romans had a role in this.


I have faith. You are blinded by hate.




Not at all. Pilate gave the Jews the opportunity to save Christ. They voted to save the life of Barabbas instead.


Pontius Pilate was calling the shots. The crucifixion of Jesus is on him and the Romans.


Pilate had no interest with the local politics of the land which he was in charge of but he didn’t want any hassle from a decision which he made himself because of it either, he was a great man in the grand scheme of things.


Look on the bright side. Barabbas got to go on the piss.


So twee to see lads still believing in fairy tales.

Was Cuchulainn as good as Christy Ring lads?


Not at all. Pilate found no fault in Jesus but the David lovers wanted him dead.

I remember having a heated discussion with a Jew in a central European bar a number of years back over Yasser Arafat. He was calling him a tyrant and I responded “Why? What evil has he done?” He went red as a tomato and his hook nose was bent out of shape, he stormed off in a huff nearly losing a couple of his little bags of gold on the way.


God the father called the shots,sacrificed his son


Different times pal but physically the Cu would have blown Ring away!


Sounds like @Mac on the piss after a good days racing in Tramore!


So Pilate gave the order to crucify a man he found had no case to answer because a few of Barabbas mates/criminal associates were getting a bit rowdy. Weak leadership.


He put the decision in the hands of the baying Jewish mob to choose between sparing the life of Jesus or the murderer Barabbas. The Jews wanted Jesus dead and were not leaving until it was so.


I don’t think anybody gives a fuck about the neutral support. You must have some kind of inferiority complex if it’s important to you.


He was some operator to fit all that into his busy schedule. He must have been out most evenings.


He only joined the IRA in 1956, a year before his death. He had plenty time for chasing Jews before that.


Ah don’t give him too much credit. Sure most of Limerick was doing that fifty years earlier.




Would you sing the fields of athenry yourself bud? Celebrating a convicted criminal