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“CRUCIFY HIM” :grinning: :grinning:

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We got a new fancy priest back in the day. Decided to start the stations of the cross on Good Friday down opposite the pub and walk the cross up the village to the church. He hadn’t counted on Tony the local alco flat out asleep in someone else’s garden right at kick off. Tony starfished and slept right through it.

I’m struggling with my faith atm. But when i see lads enthralled by the drama and ceremony it almost makes me question the notion that our conventional view of jesus is actually an amalgam of conventional images, fertility religons, cultism and psychedelic ritual, all of which was comprised hundreds of years after his death by lads with ulterior motives, political responsibilities and financial interests, amongst whom where scattered a handful of mystics and powerfil genuine spiritual leaders

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Imagine if all religious humans were praying to the same God unbeknownst to themselves. It would be part beautiful, part tragic.

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Shur catholics are already tuned into three different manifestations of the same god…with the actual church thrown into the mix. That’s after you subdivide christians into the ‘turn the other cheek’ crowd and thelose lads who would lay waste to the Hittites, theAmorites and the Perizzites…not to mention the the Hivites and the Jebusites.
We’re a broad church

There’s many ways up Mount Fuji.


Christianity is a funny game. We accept the teachings of the old testament. But we ignore the bits where ahab or isaiah (not isiah mind you) demands than any man who has sex with a goat must die. Yet despite abandoning this key, fairly dramatic insistence, we don’t take advantage of our freedom and hump goats…tyrone lads aside.
What gives?

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I am most attracted to the ‘cutting out the middleman’ approach to belief in a higher power but at the end of the day, I am not and never will be smart enough to know if God does or does not exist. I’ve done a very light reading of a range of spiritual beliefs and religions once I was able to see the beauty of the forest after being diverted by the ugliness of some of it’s trees and feel there is great lessons in all those guides.

Bullshit. You just want to hump the goats.

It makes the curry taste better after I slaughter them.

“Jesus remember me, when you come into your kingdom”


Also applicable to the Kerry GAA thread.

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That the universe and all the wonders in it merely exists, is proof alone that a higher power is present. Take mankind for example - it is highly unlikely we came to be just by mere accident. There most definitely is a greater power out there, in what form it takes nobody knows, but it’s there.


I know who made the world from my catechism.
But who made the universe?

The same force that made the earth.

Went to mass for the first time in years, the priest gave a tour de force sermon. He was banging in about young people using social media, it causing all this excess anxiety in the youth these days and parents shouldnt allow them on it.

Then he meandered into people looking to get children baptised with 2 mothers or 2 fathers on the birth cert. Children being brought up without knowing their mothers and its being allowed by the state while there is also people looking to find their mothers after being in a home. He called it a savage hypocrisy. No one is here without a mother and we cannot remove them, they have to be on the birth cert. Men may not be on the birth cert as in some circumstances the father wants nothing to do with the child.

I had a great time. He would make a savage poster on tfk is all i was thinking



Where was this. We had a lad at the uncles anniversary mass last month in Rockhill banging on about something similar

I wonder would some priests be ringing around on a Sunday morning cogging sermons in a panic.

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