The official Roman Catholic thread

The 2040 version of you will be making the same point re GS.

Engage the noggin a bit and don’t just go for the low hanging fruit.

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The Reformation is a a period of history that I have no experience whatsoever in, it just never came up for me.
But listening to the recent Martin Luther podcasts on the rest is history you’d have to say that the proddies are spot on

Most catholics believe in Protestantism. As if anyone actually believes in transubstantiation.

Not really. Who even considers transubstantiation?

Protestantism is the individual belief that you are saved and better than the lad down the road.

(Irish) Catholics are obsessed with the lad down the road :grinning:

But they think that he may be better than them

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And putting the toaster in the cupboard.

Jim mcguinness living rent free in the Vatican

There was a thing on the radio last night that the Church of Ireland have voted to keep a provision that allows a clergyman refuse to baptise the child of unwed parents.