The Official Superhero Movie Thread



“Reach for the sky”


So Josh Brolin is Cable and Thanos?
What a guy.


Josh Brolin is ‘Brand’ mate, anything else is secondary




Has this been posted yet

I lolled


I like the way they’re showing as little actual movie footage as possible. The first Deadpool gave away too much of its best material in trailers.





I’ve never seen the Goonies, there I said it.

Happy Black Panther day one and all. I shall be wearing my Straight Outta Wakanda t-shirt to the local picture house later this evening.

Reviews are hugely positive. I just want it to be better than an average origin story. If it’s better than Dr. Strange I’ll be happy. As usual I’m more looking forward to after credit scenes than anything. Hon Thanos, break us in half.





I just don’t know what to think anymore, this is uncredible


Can we take anything he says anyway serious from now on?


That’s to assume you had been taking anything I said seriously, which was your first mistake.


No. Does he even have a Wakanda t shirt? Does he?!



Thats not you. More lies.