The Official Superhero Movie Thread


I’d ate that.


Neither of them are Wakandan. Shocking cultural appropriation by the crackers again.
I am outraged on other persons behalf while looking forward to seeing this.


It’s about on par with Dr. Strange. Much like Thor it’s hamstrung by its proximity to Infinity War.

It’s mostly world building. A couple of small surprises in there, ones I wouldn’t necessarily agree with. I’ll let people see it before I go full spoiler.

Bit of a meh from me. Looks good, adds to the overall universe, important culturally, but story is weak enough. Those people calling it a top 3 Marvel movie are kool-aid drinkers. It’s not even nearly Winter Soldier.


The rap Community are going wild over it


Well yeah, that makes sense. Like I said, it is culturally important. Similar to Wonder Woman. But Wonder Woman is a better movie.


I thought it was pretty dull. Lead character is a bit of a drip and there wasn’t much of a crisis to get invested in. First half was ok. Second half was very weak.


Black panther fairly enjoyable 7/10


It’s a black super hero… A bit of a stretch even for superhero movies.


Blade doesn’t count?
He’s not getting a mention at all in the Marvel movie-verse. Wonder if they have plans for him?


Didnt he cry when he got sent to prison?


Is there a token white lad in it?


Always bet on black


Latest episode of Agents of Shield. :clap::clap:

Edit: Makes sense that they made of big deal out of it. It was episode 100.




Splendid entertainment



Made it look like Tony Stark is is a goner in that which makes me think he wont be.




You are way off. Wonder Woman went to shit when it turned into a sub par WW1 movie. Black Panther has a much better villian, was much more poignant, better cast, better action scenes, better soundtrack and Boseman >>> Gadot.

In terms of superhero movies its in the 9/10 level with Winter Soldier, Nolan 's Batman, First Class, Raimi’s Spiderman, Hellboy and a couple of others I don’t remember off the top of my head.