The Official TFK Farming Thread

Why is there no school tours to treatment plants?

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Health and Safety mate. You don’t want tasty tender children in your sausage or nugget mate.

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I had the joy of going on one when in secondary.

The amount of flushed Johnnies was impressive

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That’s a lot of water for the ground to take lads


From the simpletons afraid of a crib.

I went to a slaughterhouse when I was a chap. Regularly enough actually. I used to love using the stunner on the animals. Great memories.


explains a lot

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Most likely does truth be told. The prods were great fun though. A real bonding time with the auld fella.


Great see a beast fulfilling it’s destiny, marching happily down the chute to provide the protein that furthers mankind’s endeavors.


There’s a stench of death around the place,I remember the first time I went to Athleague with the neighbour and a trailer load of wether lambs,that’s the first thing that hits you.Seeing them heading up the chute and then watching the lads working inside on the floor expertly taking them apart.It was a sight to behold,of course marching out with a big fat cheque was good too and stopping in Lucy’s kitchen for a feed before the drive home.


You never forget your first time in a slaughter house. Duffy’s in Gort for me . The last rites man there was famous for drinking a pint of warm blood every morning to cure the hangover.


When you watch one of the cunts refuse for the fifth time to come into the yard and proceed instead to vault a ditch and gallop off into the next townland your love for them diminshes fairly rapidly.


@MountLeinster @Ambrose_McNulty @padjo @maurice_brown - stop eating beef

Mate, cute shit memes with popular actor types are just that. See what I’m having for dinner. A lamb wrapped in a pig wrapped in a nice piece of beef. Yer free to join me.

sorry mate, i value my health too much

I’d ate that

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When have people travelled to the past, mate? This is the fantasy world you clowns live in.