The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread


That’s a Kilmallock cross


Dev is after hanging Mick Collins out to dry


This love triangle is tough to sit through.


All in all the acting and script are fairly brutal


I promised myself at the start that I’d stop watching after tywin lannister got the bullet but I’m still here.


I’ve MOTD recording…meant to switch over to it 10 minutes ago.


The logistics of the ambush are a bit of a mystery as well. I don’t know how the lads in the pub get to the ambush site ahead of the convoy.


He’s behind in West Cork now


A lot of lads being grabbed by the lapels and thrown to the left or right.


That fuckin Dev would wreck your head


Collins calls a round for the house and then tells the bar man “four pints”. Cute cork hoor.


I’d say it’s the most accurate part of the movie, the twitchy yammering cunt.


Chicken shoot now :frowning:


Some story. Imagine if that really happened.


Me and my mates at Kilmichael today. On a war of independence tour.


Did you have to whittle your own ‘firearm’ or were they provided by the tour guide?


What’s written on the front of the shirts?


This is not a stag



This looks like it will be a serious publication, due out sometime in September