The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread


is that your man from the Happy Mondays there in the front?


Yes. Shaun Ryder.



Cc @ChocolateMice @ciarancareyshurlingarmy. Got this with the Christmas voucher from Easons. Looks great.


Was at a talk about this. It does look like it will be fascinating. Enormous amount of work gone into it.


A steal at €60 in fairness


You will get years of road trips out of that.


Sold out in Limerick, not available from the publisher :open_mouth:


They had a good few of them in Easons of Dublin. If you like I’ll go in and pick up a copy for you next week.


I’ll hang on for a while but thanks.
I picked up an interesting looking new book about Roche and Kelly


No problem.


Any good? Read a review somewhere


45 quid on amazon


Dunno yet, I only bought it a couple of hours ago, the author Barry Ryan is from Cork but I’ve never heard of him, he is editor of cyclingnews, would he be a good writer at all?


Don’t know him. Cyclingnews is a decent website. Will probably get it.


More records of 1916 / War of Ind of pension claims have been made available online.
Not working for me at the moment, but I assume it’s crashed under the traffic


Finally, looks like an extraordinary bit of work


Put up a few pictures of the inside pages, if you can.

What kind of format does it take?


It’s like an atlas of old.


I consider an Atlas to be like a book of maps