The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread


It’s like a book of maps except all of the maps are Ireland or parts of Ireland and then there is text explaining the maps or occasionally maps expanding on the text.



That is cool.

I want that.


The 17th of February incident for Askeaton was an ambush of the Limerick to Foynes train.
I’m not sure what the other incident on the 6th of June was.


Great picture of the Limerick brigade on page 143


Fucking surrender monkeys


Impressive all the same that the Limerick brigade were able to get their hands on German World War 2 uniforms.


It’ll all be in Tom Toomey’s book, I haven’t it to hand,
Just going through the list of contributors to this atlas and it’s some list.


Always ahead of time in limerick. We have already claimed liam mccarthy for 2018


Kilmallock well up there.


I’m just flicking through it at the moment, just came across this


Probably a Folens book I read so.


For the Cork lads


Examiner with an unbiased article about how great Cork is


Did you have to order that book or could I go into a shop and browse it?


It sold out of its first print run but you can now buy a less valuable second print run for the same money in the shops. I’m sure browsing in a shop is a viable option.


@Fagan_ODowd I’m reading the witness statement of James Leahy Commandant of the Tipperary Brigade. At 80 pages it’s a good and reasonably detailed read.

Any recommendations of other long statements from the archives ? Most of the others I’ve read were very high level.


Search for Maurice Meade.
It is the best one I have seen in there. His account of the Dromkeen ambush is particularly interesting.


The on Tadhg Crowley from Ballylanders is quite good.


Santa took a look at the Atlas of The Revolution book I asked him for and told me to fuck off, there was no way he was carrying that around town for the day.