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This is an interesting story I read in one of the witness statements. I’d never heard about it before.


The father told me about that one years ago. As he told the story your man had bleeding gums. So when he kissed the statue it would bleed.


That’s a very good story, never heard it before.


Walsh told Leahy that when he had conversed with the Virgin Mary she had indicated her approval of guerrilla tactics, including the shooting of Black and Tans, and wished to see the campaign intensified.

Virgin Mary she’s in the RA :clap:


There was no mention of the statue having being engineered by the IRA in Leahys witness statements and seems at odds with the fact the IRA were the ones who doubted it’s authenticity in the first place


@Fagan_ODowd caught the end of a fascinating documentary on the wireless yesterday about a Fr Edward Ryans. From what I heard it sounds an absolutely incredible story.

Do you know the full ins and outs? Or maybe @Boxtyeater @Massey or one of our Leitrim correspondents can tell the tale.


This one possibly?


@Boxtyeater will fill you in on this one lad


It’s mostly all aired in the documentary (available on the player - look up the priests name for it) Matty. Ryans was up to his neck with the local Ra at the time and ignored all sanctions from the Bishop.
Local lore says he was the father of the baby.

Paddy Muldoon who was murdered is buried about 5 yards from my parents plot. The headstone reads “murdered with the date on it”…

Ryans was, folklore says, a mad deviant bastard.


Strong disagree rating


I agree with you that he was under zero obligation to attend - and his non attendance is only being flagged to draw attention to the article — However, I agree with the main point raised tho, we do need to step back from our green tinted glasses some bit and we need to accommodate, learn and appreciate the white and orange history that makes our tricolour if we are to unite and move forward.




Dan Breen CSC

Good stuff


Cheers pal. I will be organising the second half of the ill fated War of Indepedence tour shortly


The Irish Times have a 4 page spread of previously unreleased interviews with Sean Lemass this morning. Haven’t read it yet but a FYI @Fagan_ODowd


Cheers mate.


Is Lemass considered (by political types) the best leader of the country we’ve had?


Generally he would be, I would have thought.

He doesn’t have the stain of lackluster economic performance or scandal, and has enough tenure to be considered as such.





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