The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread


There were 2 ‘JackFitzgerald’ pubs in Abbeyfeale at different stages. The old Jack Fitzs’ was later bought by a Tipp man and traded as Jack Ryan’s up to this Christmas, think it’s just closed now as he sold the licence.

The other ‘Jack Fitzs’ ‘is a much older bar but is still there and is known locally as’ John Michael Fitzs’ but John Michael has it leased out to another family for the past year or so.


Old one I reckon,uncle of mine ran it ,Ned Fitzgerald, dead now also


Ah no :cry::cry::cry: that was a cracking bar. At least I if it’s the one I think with the big open fire


Yeah, on the main street on the right about half way down the town as you come in from NCW side. Sad, was a fine little bar. The smoking ban never came into effect there!


Fuck you Shane Ross :fist_left:


Ah that’s shit. It was our go to bar in Abbeyfeale on the way to/from stags and matches. A savage little pub.


A lot of the pubs in Abbeyfeale have changed hands in recent years. Nowadays a lot of the older pubs down New Street (the street towards the GAA Grounds and Listowel/Ballybunion) are in new ownership and have gotten a new lease of life, with loads of locals in their mid to late 20s/30s choosing to do their drinking down there nowadays in a weird Rural West Limerick small town hipster style movement


This is a nice calendar my father in law picked up


Nice one,keep history alive


Where did he pick that up?


Resistance started tonight on RTE.
Average enough so far.


Is this worth watching?


Ah probably given the subject but it’s not outstanding by any stretch.


The Collins chap is trying to overdo the Cork accent I think


There’ll be a show based on the limerick Soviet staged in Limerick in April i believe


Michael D isn’t going to the Soloheadbeg Commemoration.

That’s the way it’s gone now I suppose.áras-silent-on-higgins-turning-down-centenary-invitation-1.3749438%3Fmode=amp


Not surprising really he’s a p.c. watery old bastard,from a weak party who betrayed working class Ireland


He’ll laud Castro though. What a cunt


You were screaming for him to be elected a few weeks ago … you dithery cunt.

cc @Raylan


Well I’ll be there anyway with my imitation Lee Enfield