The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread


Taking place in Cleeve’s Factory I think?

Haven’t been to any of the events there yet so will be curious to see how it works out.


Got a whackload of funding from the arts council.


By God we showed them.
(Until the bishops told us to cop on)


Ye’d have been refused communion.


Fintan with an article here decrying the events at Soloheadbeg. I suppose we’d have been better off yoked to Britain like the Scots, hamstrung by idiots in London.


Unsurprising that a Stickie has a problem with the armed struggle.


Didn’t bother with the article but we’ll have loads of similar revisionist opinions expressed over the next few years. It’s as if 1916 was ok because we lost, but the War of Independence is an embarrassment because we won and killed few people along the way.


When in fact the opposite is true. 1916 had no political mandate, whereas after the 1918 election and failure of the British to accept it’s results, the War of Independence was fully justified.



Only by a few,it was sectarian at times , especially in my own neck of the woods, retribution for hundreds of years slavery may be a better word,not right,or correct,but it happened,same as war in the 6 counties,in Belfast,and on the border, Fermanagh,darkley was abhorrent,as were other things done,I was a republican in the 6 counties at the time,but in general the sectarianism aspect was kept out of most area’s


Cláir an lá



Glad you could make it pal. Church is packed to the gills here.


In the marquee.


In the pub now


Colonel Myers with his thoughts


Nice job boy


That had to happen the object of terrorism is to terrorise Dan Breen and company had to cross that line to kick start affairs and to show their men that it’s s serious business


The pipe band belting out the boys of the old brigade here.


Lad in a Patriots hat here. Think it’s @chocolatemice