The official tfk list of people who should “put a sock in it”


He’s the new Trevor Hogan





Jaysus you’re busy out Fagan.


Kathryn thinks she’s a martyr for having a baby. Pure narcissism.


“We also went through so much in trying to conceive Ellie, it became an all-consuming focus.”
Steady now


thinly veiled “he ploughed me daily and nightly”


She’s the biggest gowl in Oireland. She’d be a great match for Tubridy.


They’ll eventually end up together
Or else, she’ll be with that cunt D’Arcy


A great fan of the devil’s dandruff apparently.


One of those great TFK stories that one.


Ronan Keating s ex wife


Who was it that was ploughing Yvonne again?


Stephen gateley :smiley:


Is that who she was :grinning:
I watched that show the other night and had no idea what she was “famous” for


Same. Had no idea she was talking about Ronan Keating when relating that anecdote.


Could easily be mistaken for the mammy from Crystal Swing.


From what I’ve heard she was a thundering cunt, and poor ould ro had little option but to go elsewhere. Seems she hasn’t changed.


Ronan is a sound skin. He has a great show every morning on the mainland on Smooth radio. Playing all the classics