The Official TFK Local and European Elections Thread 2024

Didn’t notice a huge amount of her posters. There was far more Walsh ones in my part of Galway. Didn’t hear Nina speak once. But maybe i just kept missing her.

What exactly has Niall done to rile so many of you? It’s hardly his shitty radio show?


She didnt. She did little or no interviews or media. She won dancing with the stars and was a coach on irelands fittest family and she’s been elected on the back of that… some fucking country.


This should be interesting

Yep Yes GIF by C H A R L Ö T T E

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I’m genuinely curious. I know fuck all about him bar his shitty little show

I’ve never heard of him. All I know about him is he has a radio show and he destroyed left wingers Clare Daly and cuffe in the election.


There are quite a lot of candidates who you’d expect would transfer well to Gildernew though, especially the second SF candidate who currently has 30k votes.

Jokeshop stuff.

In all honesty, its a bit of a farce that the likes of Carberry, mulooly, nì mhurchù and Boylan are in with huge shouts for election on the back of fuckall but a bit of publicity. Mental shit.


muldoons are simpletons mate

Carberry based on that she was somewhat known as a d list celeb & Mullooly based on a few populist clichés

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Democracy is eating itself.

Politics could be the future for Davy Fitzgerald given there is an ever dwindling amount of hurling teams willing to take him on.

Could be a by-election coming up in Clare too on the back of this election so it all ties in nicely.

The Euros does tend to get more ‘celeb’ (but not really celeb spotting eligible ) candidates over the years than the generals (although the generals have more big GAA figures (Jack Lynch, Jimmy Deenihan, John O’Mahony, Alan Dillon, etc.). Figures that haven’t featured prominently at local or general elections - Dana, Sean Kelly, Mairead McGuinness, etc.


3 climate good guys elected in Dublin


Mick MacRoaster loves those who made a name for themselves bateing the arse off a horse


Is Regina still commuting in a state car?

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8 December is the last day for bye elections. General election has to be called by February 19 and held by March 22nd

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What a start to my day, was able to award two nice posts in the space of five seconds :open_mouth::open_mouth: