The Official TFK NCT Thread

Ring them man alternatively get your mechanic to bring it in they have a quota of trade tests too. The online booking is only a cod.

If you keep refreshing for different centres - earlier dates/times pop up

If you email them you’ll get a booking in a few days for your local centre around 2-3 weeks down the line

That’s my next plan.

At least I’ve something now. Apparently, 6am is the time to check.

Get a fake one.
You’ll be grand….

God bless Diesel and God bless Dipitane.


Whats the panic with booking a test? Sure if you are pulled over you just tell em, I have a test booked in three months gaurd, sure you know yourself. What can I do

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You can’t get car insurance without proof of booking if you’re changing insurer. And I think they may be able to refuse a payout if something happens you and it’s overdue and you haven’t booked it

Ya you just book it however far away. There’s no panic getting cancellations etc. Unless you need to sell the car or something

You can make that 374,999 Eoghan.


You’d want to keep a gear bag on the back seat in perpetuity.

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They can’t do anything if you’ve a test booked sure

I’m booked in for a test in June :smile:

Great way to eke out an oul banger.

The only fucking killer is they back date it, which is a disgrace really when you think about it, a year is a year. Money making racket

Most sound guards don’t give a fuck about tax or NCT really; just that you have your insurance paid for.

Next available date in Limerick is June and in Nenagh is July. I could take a day out to Ballinasloe for a May test

I must replace my drivers licence actually, even though no one has ever looked for it

They may well be telling the Transport Committee all of that palaver, but the committee would want to be asking them why they are not refunding the 55 Euro fee if they can’t facilitate a booking within 28 days as per their charter.


Surely this is all a by product of Brexit and the shortage of second hand cars on the market, causing prices to inflate and people not willing or not being able to afford to change their second hand car to one that does not require the NCT, leading to greater numbers requiring the test.

Thing should be scrapped anyway; a pure fucking sham