The Official TFK Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Thread


1-0 down at half time at the macron.

7 changes made to the side that started the win at Fulham.

Lees, Pudil, Reach and Bannan the only survivors


2 down now :tired_face:


This is disappointing stuff from Wednesday considering the relatively strong team out.


We were 3-0 down but a JR brace has us pushing for an equaliser


Too little too late. Best of luck to Bolton in the next round




Fitzy will be the first one on looking for a Blades ticket next month no doubt


Incredible scenes. It’s just kicked off between a group of owls and forest scum in Lanzarote :laughing:


Owls supporters disgracing themselves again I see


Hope you got a few digs in


Saw a Keane 16 jersey and glassed the cunt


Sheffield United going well. Should be spicy when they visit Hillsborough a fortnight tomorrow.


I’m doing ibrox and Hillsborough double that weekend. With their history I’ll be lucky to get home alive


What are relations like between the two Sheffield clubs or what characterises an Owl from a Blade? Hillsborough is in the north of the city, Bramell Lane in the south. Is it just regional?


I thought you’d be on Sean Bean’s side in those two games.


Nothing to do with geography at all. Basically cunts are blades and the rest are owls


Sean Bean is an actor. I’m not.


Gathering pace far too early


Buzzing for Sunday…COYO


@Rocko do we have a free pass for today on Billy Sharp songs or is there a line we won’t be allowed cross ?