The Parkrun Thread

100 percent.

Yeah, you fight it, and fight it, and one day you just think fcuk this.
Work is the same.


I haven’t reached that stage yet anyway thank God. I’ll always find a way to be competitive just with myself, I do not think I’d be motivated to do it otherwise, not the solo pursuits anyway.
At the moment I just don’t have it in me

Maybe you just need a break

Possibly, but I shouldn’t, I’m taking things much easier than usual so I should really be quite fresh.
I have a half marathon booked for early April that I’d really like to run well in


I’d happily retire from work and become a stay at home dad, provided my life partner agreed that we still send the boys to crèche.


Creche is the big thing here. Ours were reared by a creche.

Hit my 25 volunteer roles today, purple t-shirt on the way