The Pretend Fitness Thread


Found him. 1 “n”


Standard enough stuff and a bit of a narrow focus on I would guess his own experiences. Well packaged though and nice instructional stuff and good cues too.
Misunderstanding of what some exercises are for

Has some set of hamstrings on him


Yeah I wouldnt be qualified to say on the advice he is giving. Nutritional stuff is realistic for most people id say. As you said well packaged and slick enough.

Was his hamstrings caused his early retirement!

Good to see a fella making a career for himself anyway after the injuries. Coaching Con as well


Went to a great podiatrist of late…sorted out my plantar problems…didn’t once suggest orthotics to my delight.

Seemed like the best place to share


Nutritionist means nothing, dietician is the legally protected term


You are wrong there.

There is Nutrionist, Nutrition Coach, Dietician, Food Scientists, Sports nutritionists.

A dietician is the only clinician in that group.

They wouldn’t generally be dealin with general public wanting to lose a few pounds. They deal with eating disorders, thyroid problems and the likes.


Send him/her up here asap


You won’t need him soon. Reesmogg is going to go down in history as the greatest ever republican hero.


Is nutritionist a legally protected term?

The point I am making is anyone can claim to be a nutritionist whilst not everyone can claim to be a dietician. As evidenced in this link from the Irish nutrionist and dietician institute.


No nobody should declare themselves a nutritionist if they are not.


When can you decide you are a nutritionist?

This is my whole point for it not being the legally protected term.


I’d consider myself to be in the top 5 nutritionists on TFK.


When you do a recognised qualification and an insurance company insures you


Again this is my issue there are any amount of nutritionist courses…


They do not all get insured though.

There is any amount of any course out there for all trades and professions.

If you are worried about the Kettering at the end of the name then pay the bucks and see how it goes


I’m more worried about the advice that’s doled out.


I can tell you now the letters after a name do not always improve the advice being doled out. As you should well know in your own profession.

In my experience a psychologist with an interest in habits does far better work than any dietician or nutrionist I ever met when it comes to weight loss.

If you have medical dietary conditions then an clinical dietician is the only answer. They may then support/advise someone like myself with a client


I think you are obviously a little insecure about lettering after a professionals name, I don’t care.

Reputation is a better way to measure ability.

Psychologists are better with habits? No shit the deal with the mind.

Pleasant speaking with you.


Ya and habits are what underpin nutrition and Weightloss or gain

And reputation is certainly not fool proof by any means


Dont know but I checked there and he did a masters in Applied Sports and Exercise Nutrition