The Pretend Fitness Thread


Quelle surprise. @gilgamboa creaming himself over the business venture of some retired rubby player.

“Frankie Sheahan’s pendulum summit is the pinnacle of thought leadership events.”

“Brian O’Driscoll’s ultimate rubby app is a brilliant one stop shop for all rubby news and scores.”

“Alan Quinlan delivers a hugely engaging workshop to corporates on building resilience and coping with stress.”

“Shane Byrne seems to have the waste disposal industry figured out.”

When will it ever end?


when all those lads are walking around like gibberish wrecks in their early 50’s from drug abuse and bangs to the head


Most are at that in their 30s


Top class pal :joy::joy::joy::joy: you’re back on form. Your target audience will love it


@Bandage was summoned to a meeting on Percy Place Dublin 2, recently where the powers that be told him he needed to up his posting game, new baby or not.


And he has. That post he did reminded me of something the great Roy Curtis would do


43 minutes even for the 10k today, fucked at the end though, probably should have taken it easy yesterday. Getting it down to 40 is gonna be very difficult.


Great time for someone 35 plus, 4.20kms, most lads couldn’t do 5ks at that pace.


That’s very decent going.


44 now mate, probably could have easily beaten 40mins at 35 but I was busy doing sports :confused:


Nah, quite easy with some direction.


Where can I get a body fat check. Is bmi worth a shite in comparison to it?


Good running … There was a time I was sub 40 but I wouldnt do it in an hour now… I probably wouldnt do 5k in an hour now :persevere:


Throw up a photo there and we’ll tell you if you’re a fat cunt or not.



Get a pair of calipers and look at the online visual guides and you’ll be close enough. @Tassotti would be 7% and @bandage a bit more to give you a guide of the forum posters. .


What if I’m not in the picture guidelines?



The pictures above are actually all of @Tassotti over an 8 week period in late 2016 early 2017


visit your GP asap


Off to the gym now. Cardio, weights a swim, sauna, steamroom, jacuzzi.


You’re taking the weights in for the a swim?