The Pretend Fitness Thread


Just did a 5k run for the first time in over a year I’d say. Fuck me… It was tough going. 35 mins I’d say but not worried about time for a few weeks.let’s see if I can make it a little Saturday ritual again.


Will you try to build up to a jog next time?


It’s good to be back out there doing it mate. Don’t worry about the times.

After a poor year of training, I’ve thrown my name down for a 26km run in the Dublin mountains in three weeks. There will be hills.


No interest in time really until get breathing and bit of pace sorted. It was a grand meditative jog.


You posted the exact same thing 3 months ago under one of your other names


Lies… post it up there so


I barely did any exercise for 4 months due to a combination of injury and lifestyle changes, but I ran a 34:28 5km last Monday night week and I felt alive.


If you give it a few more weeks you’ll be able to open up your legs and really express yourself.


Thats a decent walk. Fair play, kid.


It was kid. It was pre- breakfast and I had already walked Brady for an hour so i really surprised my self going out doing another 5k in 35 or so mins.


A very decent time for a pudgy chap like yourself. I’d say you’re thighs are chaffing like fuck now.


Not at all - Shur, i’d cover that distance playing ball twice a week… it’s just gas how different the fitness needed for both is.


With the buggy or without?


I’m in tne Rochestown Park, think I’ll attack a few hills up your way early in the morning to clear the hangover, or else I’ll run down the line to my mas


I’ll keep an eye out for you.


Jesus I had an awful night of it last night… No sleep. I decided to run the auld marathon here for the craic at 7 this morning when I found out it was on. I got around it anyway and am going to conduct some more buisness with clients from Ghana and West Africa later this evening


What time you do.


I was on the personal and am back on it now. It’s not worth talking about


Are you going to go visit a big African lady for your post-race massage?


I’m having seven 7 pints of Heineken now before I decide