The Pretend Fitness Thread


I don’t like fried chicken mate


Good one


Going doing my first bit of exercise in 4 months tonight. Should be fun.


What will you be doing exactly?


Running for 5.5km


You mug.


I did a 3.7km amble in 25 minutes last night as I make my latest tentative comeback from chronic calf problems.


would you think about throwing the young lad in a buggy and pushing it whilst running, it would be an unreal 5k workout


Just about survived. Did 5.1km in 24:20.


I’m back lads.

Went out for a run late last night and it was invigorating.

Look at the consistency of these splits.


Did you stop in the shop on the way home?


Throw up the times for the run as well


An awful lot of effort for a mere 435 calories - That will barley cover the slice of apple pie or what ever cake he had yesterday evening


I ate some gnocchi at 7.45pm for dinner and for my treat afterwards I had a packet of tayto waffles and a caramel cake bar.


did you wear the new Asics?


Waffles + bar probably came in around 400 cals



would you get the nipple rash over 5k?




More open question for the forum marathon runners? Would you lads tape the nipples before running a big one?