The Public Transport Thread

They were due a refresh at this stage.

Green was fairly iconic but nobody seems to care about branding.

I think each the DART lines will have a number - DL1, DL2 etc.

I’d have rather kept the colours and a new uniform system of names for each of the Luas, DART and Metro lines.

I’d also have kept the whole thing called DART.

Could some one do the necessary here?

The closest to a timeline I can see for Dart + west in the report is “over the next few years”. And rinse and repeat.

have ABP given permission yet?

Railway Order is imminent for D+ W I believe. Once that is issued, they are expecting at least one legal challenge from a selfish NIMBY. They have 8 weeks from the date of issuing for a judicial review.

They are tendering for the delivery partner right now with a view to awarding this by June.

I think they’re hoping that the timing means they can start within weeks or that being cleared up in terms of Irish Rail internal works.

The big four parts of the project are the Maynooth depot, Ashtown underpass (to appease the @Spidey set), Cross Gunns station and the new Spencer Dock station. Cross Guns actually falls under the Metrolink application and will in time be viewed as the signature part of the whole investment. The new underground Spencer Dock is nice though for sure, links in with the Red Line.

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You’d feel like @Spidey might throw in an objection himself just to be right on here…

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@caulifloweredneanderthal might confirm but pretty sure the crowd that run the Tarbert ferry started recently running a ferry from Carlingford to Greencastle.

You’d imagine the new bridge would put a serious dent in their plans.

That ferry is running about 7-8 years now. It’s from Greenore, probably about 15-20km from where this bridge will be. Seems to be some controversy over this bridge too, especially that it’ll go through some fairy tree or something like that


Fairy fort/arms dump/diesel laundering facility…


The Brits will have it built in 3 years as far as the border, we’ll take another 30

Luas out of action

We’re back

Leccie bus in Limerick broken down already


Drogheda set to get electric Dart train connections to Dublin by 2026 (

Hopefully it helps reignite the drogheda/coolock gangland dispute that has been very much flagging over the last few years. Id say Drogheda -howth junction could be done in 40mins on a dart…

I heard Donnellan has Portmarnock with her anti traffic light stance