The Public Transport Thread


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Could anyone enlighten me on the proposed traffic restrictions for Dublin City centre coming later in the summer? I see mention of ‘‘bus gates’’ and there’s confusion around whether restrictions are applied to non Dublin Bus vehicles @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy ?

I think outsde the customs house to o connell bridge on the northside is closed off to private vehicles

Where are you going as i doubt you are affected

Not being short with you but I’ll need to be able to go where the customer wants me to take them. Museums, hotels, events etc. It’s still unclear if private coaches are allowed in and very little education/information on it. I took a couple of taxis yesterday between College Green area and Hueston Station and the taxi drivers didnt know. And they know everything!

Dear oh dear

Anyone who values public transport and thinks running the Greens out of government is a good idea needs to reevaluate.

SF out of touch with urban Ireland

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I believe buses are allowed in. There is something in the plan about reviewing the impact of coaches and tour buses on public transport buses at peak times. And might be more tight parking restrictions.

It’s mental tight already. Thank you @Rocko

Tight on time or space?

Space. Time seems ok. Had parked up there by the National Art Gallery on Tues. Drivers helping each other in, nobody really bothered us on how long we were there.

Ah ok this is on time I think. They want to have set down and pick up outside tourist attractions. Not sure what happens today but think that will be more specified.

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That would be great if it is clear where to go. There’s a phantom coach park on Sherrif St by all accounts. Find it if you’re able :person_shrugging:

Can your dog put out fires?

Anyway, there is/was one just east of the canal.

Elaborate mate

There’s a coach park (or at least was) at the North Wall end of Sheriff Street, past the IFSC. Beside Docklands Station.

The other bit was just a reference to an old lockhard joke.

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:slightly_smiling_face: ok. It’s the (at least there was) that worries me when you’re driving a 26 tonne tri axle vehicle

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