The Roaster Thread

New Supermac’s ad :persevere:

Mayo 4 Sam

A pocket full of one pound notes no doubt.

Louise Morrissey is a beautiful woman

The badly fitting beanie hat half hanging off the head has got to be one of the main signifiers of roasterdom.

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Might be a good swimmer but I think he qualifies here also.

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Which one is the roaster?

The Garda ffs

Oh we’re fat shaming now, is that where we are? Is it?

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Roaster highlighting

The lad in the suit is the biggest roaster there.

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Those new Garda t-shirts are shocking bad alright. Very unprofessional looking too

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Looks like a pullover a lad would get being involved with a fiele team or something

Tisnt a fashion show lads, it’s all about being comfortable when you’re timbering tramps and ateing breakfast rolls :roll_eyes:


He has a head like the result of a cabbage and a turnip having a one night stand.

Aka Monday night in coppers back in the day

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Which one isn’t?
All in the shtance

Yer man on the left, leaning agin the wall

Where else but the Woodlands!