The Roaster Thread




That’s some brick of a phone Lee Van Cleef on the right there has in his pocket.


2 phones?


Don’t mind the phone, look at the Breakfast Roll in your mans shorts pocket. :rofl:



The more I look at that photo, the more I dig the lad on the right’s hat. Money can’t buy dat swag.


Lee van cleef :grin:



One of these lads is the cork captain. The other is a hugely successful captain of industry in Cork


I thought Kev would be in better shape.


Dubes and shorts is never a good look.

Obligatory lost Offaly fan in the background.


Did that lad run Bord Gais at one stage? Not Harnedy


Indeed. Good spot. Great supporter of Cork GAA and heavily involved in driving the commercial aspect of PUC


You sure it’s a breakfast roll ??


Did he invent the unbreakable belt?


Lee van cleef. :clap: :joy:


I’d that Casio watch 15 years ago. Impressive he still has a working one.


I’d say he has a little nightly ritual where he cleans it down, gives it a little buff and returns it to its original box.


I just had an absolute fade of new spuds there. Honrale. I’d say I had 7 or so daycent sized ones and I’d have ate the same again only I stopped myself. Lovely bit of pork and few veg with it, but the spuds :heart_eyes:


Ballysteen surely?