The Roaster Thread


I’ve a dealer bringing them up from North Kerry at the minute. The Ballysteen ones aren’t fully ready


Lies! I had a serious feed of them three weeks ago.


They’re like marbles


I must have had a dud batch then


I’ve been atin them for a couple of weeks.


Would a roaster be the type of guy who keeps a baseball cap in the boot of the car and would only wear it on sunny days in Thurles or cutting the hedge…
Often a JP McManus charity golf cap.


A John Deere cap they got at ‘the ploughing’


Are you asking cos you’re describing yourself


The cap would still not be broken in. A perfectly level and flat peak


Hair going in all directions out the back and sides


Hairstyle like a ball of twine


Take 2.

It’s a little disturbing that this fella is aping that Cork Weirdo wanker.


They are like the Nokia 3310, back in fashion now.


Is that Gary Kirby?


Fingers look okay so I’ll say NO. Grand Lookalike effort to be had there though.


The new Paul Galvin headwear piece was in full force in Thurles today


The sister sent through a photo of the folks before they headed to Thurles today. There are no words to describe the level of roasterness on display


There was a great atmosphere in the stand today Fran, roasters from both sides roaring at each other in barley coherent English. The heat has lads driven demented.


Signing in


Ah FFS Doyle has a different hat for the summer.