The @Sidney is not a racist thread. NOT a racist




Hey goys, are kerry man jokes racist?


The whole system is inefficient and sub optimal.


Not totally. If they hadn’t accepted immigrants from there it would have been somewhere else. The reality is that the welfare state cannot be paid for when you have societies that have plunging birth rates and the native population aging.

Leaving the EU was also about 30 years of newspaper articles on it.


What do you call a kerry man bouncing off walls_ Rick ó shea


Get a fcuking grip FFS man, SF/provisional ra,gone


I think that’s harsh and egotistical - he suggested that you are a “reformed racist”. If anything he was being kind. When one considers that you didn’t apologise, choosing instead to blame the forum, context etc and then accuse @Tim_Riggins, it appears that you an unrepentant racist.


Kerry man that robs your drink=nick mcguinness


He just went back to his well of dribble on me, I wouldn’t mind that.


Two kerry faggits=patrick Fitzmaurice and Maurice Fitzpatrick


Only in Kerry


Can understand that I mean,scenery,coastine,west cork, beautiful stab free city( unless the Limerick pikeys are in town)cracker GAA stadium,soccer stadium, beautiful city centre, Fitzgeralds park, kinsale, crosshaven, everything ye aspire to,but can never have,ever hear of any,I might go to Limerick for my holidays :yum:not a hope


Well it’s all of our’s stadium now seeing as ye can’t afford it




V good,:hugs:untrue though, might let ye play on it in the summer, might get lost though


I see the forum’s resident Goebbels - the rugby ratings guy - is still refusing to admit his anti-semitism problem.

Now he’s gone crawling to the forum’s equivalent of Tadhg in The Field to try and bail him out.

It’s hilarious, unlike swastikas daubed on a wall, which Tim thinks are hilarious but definitely aren’t.


None of that has anything to do with your flagrantly racist comments above.

You’re deflecting.


Tut tut, more racism from the NOGRA Nazi clique.


Like it, but I’m seasonal,


It’s grand to like the GAA, pal.

The problem arises when the Gahliban insist that not conforming to a certain cultural idea means one can’t be Irish.

This introduces the concept that there are certain “intrinsic characteristics” or “intrinsic cultural conformism” in being Irish, or being from any other country, for that matter, and that without conforming to these intrinsic factors, one cannot be Irish.

If one insists that one must prefer GAA to association football in order to be classed as Irish, then by the same logic, one could say that a person must be Roman Catholic to be Irish, or be white to be Irish.

That means that according to the likes of @maroonandwhite and the other NOGRA Nazis, it’s just fine to say that people of a certain religion or skin colour cannot be Irish, even if they’ve been born and brought up in Ireland.

That’s the exact same logic that the Nazis used to vilify and exterminate the Jews.

@maroonandwhite of course doesn’t think that Paul McGrath or Paul Osam or Curtis Fleming are truly Irish, which is sort of a completely repugnant opinion.