The @Sidney is not a racist thread. NOT a racist


I suppose you prefer a game played across the world by players of every colour and creed. More opportunities for you to make vile racist unfunny jokes.


They weren’t racist according to @labane1917.

You better take it up with him.


He was an unbelievable racist whem he thought it was funny. Now hes firmly anti racist as the wind is blowing that way. I think he just wants someone to talk to.


They’re your posts


Virtue signalling is the new racism


I’ve just pointed out in stark terms how you are unbelievable racist.

Will you reply to the charge?

Do you agree with @labane1917’s definition of racism and do you agree that you are part of a “clique” which is perfectly fine with flagrant racism, as displayed by @labane1917 and yourself?


Virtue signalling after overt racism. Bewildering


Racism is apparently the new virtue signalling. There are loads of posters here who think racism is a virtue.

By signalling racism, they’re signalling “virtue”.


You’re “virtue signalling” racism mate.


Desperately pointing the finger at all and sundry in a bid to divert attention from his own deeply unsavoury beliefs.
He should have just apologised.


It isn’t my fault if you’re not able to read.

Do you agree with @labane1917’s definition of racism, by the way?


Tut tut


There was a marked absence of calls for the ignore function for a few months. But its back in fashion now. Not sure why.


This was a dead forum without me, and well you know’t.



Exhibit 426


Tut tut


Fascinating how the uneducated still can’t tell the difference between being intolerant towards people and being intolerant towards the abhorrent ideas people hold.

For the nth time:

Being intolerant towards someone because their skin is different color = racism.

Being intolerant towards an ideology that believes in slicing off female genitalia, dropping gays off building to see if they bounce, etc. = someone whose ability to reason has take on board the advances since 18th century enlightenment.


You’ve changed your definition of racism so many times that it’s clear you have no idea what it actually is. You’re hopping from Billy to Jack on the subject based on your own ever changing arbitrary definitions which appear to depend on nothing more than whether you like a certain poster or not.

The gas thing is that under the definition you’ve most often used on this forum:

…the comment by me you objected to (on post 2 of this thread) could not be racist - as i) the overwhelming majority of Italians are white, and I’m white and (ii) it mentions precisely nothing about the superiority of one race over another.

The gas thing is you didn’t even know the term “wop”, which you used unironically (as opposed to the obvious irony of the context I used it in - I shouldn’t have used it, fair enough), is a derogatory term in North America, where you reside and where Italians have suffered widespread racial discrimination. It’s little known in Europe, where Italians have not suffered widespread racial discrimination.

You’re always on about how it can’t be racist to call for a ban on Islam (that’s all Islam), which you have done, or at least called for an “argument” to be had about whether all Islam shoould be banned, as if this makes your comments much better and much less bigoted (it doesn’t).

Yet here you admit that discrimination against the overwhelming majority of Muslims is racist.

Then you go one step further and deny that there is such a thing as a “moderate Muslim”, completely contradicting what you wrote in the previous quote, and confirming your racism (again, under your own criteria) against all Muslims.

Deary me. There’s a litany of racist neuroses you’ve displayed.


What’s next in the calendar to send Sidney into a tailspin? Trump’s election was the start of it but 2018 was really poor for him with him falling flat on the Belfast Trial and then the Kavanaugh hearings sending him off on a leave of absence. He doesn’t take sport nearly as seriously so I don’t think another Slippy G Liverpool bottling the league would do it.


I have you driven demented, mate.

Just admit it.